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As a frequent keynote speaker, I deliver dynamic presentations on a variety of topics. In my workshops, I combine up-to-date theory with practical tools. I speak at international conferences and at agency training events. Below is a partial list of topics and descriptions. However, no program is exactly the same since the makeup and needs of audiences change. Workshops are designed to accomplish the unique educational objectives of the attendees.

New Yorker Cartoonist Liana Finck

Her efforts have resulted in a series of papers describing the use and value of conjoint analysis to ascertain patient treatment preferences across a range of sociodemographic groups and diseases, and customization of the original software program to improve use with patients. For example, using conjoint analysis, she has demonstrated that rheumatoid arthritis patient preferences for more aggressive treatment with disease modifying antirheumatic drugs differ by race, with Black patients preferring less aggressive treatment compared to White patients with similar disease severity.

These results may help explain the disparity in utilization of newer riskier drugs in minority patients. Fraenkel has also developed decision support tools, based on Fuzzy Trace theory, for patients facing decision involving medications with significant risks of toxicity.

Your Medicare enrollment date depends on your circumstances; enrolling at the right time can save you money. Well before you plan to retire, talk with your.

Either your web browser doesn’t support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Plos one , 16 Mar , 12 3 : e DOI: All other relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. Processes shaping the African Guineo-Congolian rain forest, especially in the West African part, are not well understood.

Here we studied nine populations in the area of the DG and the borders of LG and UG of the widespread liana species, Chasmanthera dependens Menispermaceae by amplified fragment length polymorphism AFLP , a chloroplast DNA sequence marker, and modelled the distribution based on current as well as paleoclimatic data Holocene Climate Optimum, ca.

Current population genetic structure and geographical pattern of cpDNA was related to present as well as historical modelled distributions.

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The Instagram-famous cartoonist Liana Finck is working on making better eye contact. She suspects it might be key to managing the constant crush of New York City, to avoiding the kinds of bizarre altercations she keeps getting into. Case in point: she recently tussled with the manager here, who was being overly solicitous, “aggressively nice.

About a month ago at a bar, a woman lambasted her for staking out more than her fair share of real estate, then recruited the bartender for backup, who agreed that Finck was the aggressor. She’s confounded.

Specifically, lianas are providing new insights into the mechanisms to explain the maintenance of liana species diversity; to date, however.

Author s : Stefan A. Mangan 1 , 2 , James W. Dalling 2 , 3 , Claire A. Baldeck 4 , Stephen P. Lianas woody vines are a common plant growth-form in lowland tropical forests where they affect many aspects of tropical forest dynamics and function. Lianas reduce tropical tree recruitment, growth, survival, fecundity, and diversity [1]-[10]. At the community level, lianas appear to influence tree species composition by competing intensely with certain tree species, but not with others [9], [11]-[13].

At the ecosystem level, lianas have the potential to substantially alter forest carbon, nutrient, and water dynamics by decreasing whole-forest carbon sequestration and storage, redistributing nutrients horizontally across the forest landscape, and reducing available soil moisture during seasonal droughts [14]-[16].

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Many years ago, I decided to do a Masters in Insurance and Risk Management, which was sponsored by a pool of insurers, one of whom hired me, which is how I joined Generali. I did a brief internship in HR before I was offered an opportunity in Compliance. My profile looked suitable because I had studied law and risk management, and that was proved right as my career has moved up in Compliance ever since.

Date: Dec. Lianas (woody vines) are a common plant growth-form in lowland tropical forests where they affect many of lianas, and to provide insights into the mechanisms that control liana species abundance and distribution within forests.

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Create a free account to bookmark your favorite tracks, follow teachers, and meditate with friends. This is an invitation to connect with emotions as body sensations in a gentle way, continually grounding to safety of the present moment awareness. This supportive guidance provides generous cues for the redirection of the distractable or resistant mind while exploring energies that are present.

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We assess whether the assumption that lianas have deep roots is corroborated by the literature. Deeper roots in lianas are not the single mechanism explaining liana success, due to limited empirical support. Instead, we propose that while liana success in seasonal forests may relate to deep roots for some species, it should not be viewed as the exclusive result of a single trait but as the possible result of multiple traits such as hydraulic redistribution, multifocal growing, drought resilience, higher water storage capacity, and acquisitive resource syndrome.

Additional hypotheses should be evaluated along with predicted changes in plant community structure. These hypotheses should stimulate research on the mechanisms driving liana success in tropical forests. Investigating mechanisms predicting shifts in community assembly due to environmental change is a main focus in ecology Fauset et al. The use of functional traits as proxies for mechanisms offers insight into how species respond to environmental drivers Fauset et al.

Despite the advantages of a trait-based approach Shipley et al. According to widespread hypothesis, deep roots are the mechanism underpinning increased liana abundance in seasonal forests Schnitzer Because lianas use other plants as support, they do not need to invest in mechanical tissue and can develop deep roots to access water Schnitzer This hypothesis, however, does not preclude alternative mechanisms explaining this pattern.

Liana LaMattina

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(), where lianas showed surface root activity during the dry season in Paracou, French Guiana. In order to acquire a more complete insight in below ground.

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