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Zayn Malik decided to leave the band in March , so the group continued with just four members. The group announced they would be taking a hiatus in to relax and focus on their individual solo careers. Answer these questions to find out which One Direction member you are! If you had to pick, which is your favorite? All the members of One Direction have tattoos, except for Niall. Are you a fan of tattoos? Would you ever get one? Music is so important to the members of One Direction and many of them are now able to play the guitar and piano. Niall was able to play guitar and often brought it on stage with One Direction, but the others learned instruments once they went solo.

which one direction member would date you?

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All about One Direction: Who is the 2nd youngest member of One Direction?, is monica’s job: easy: which one of jack’s friends does monica date: easy: what.

With the former bandmates teasing clues here there and everything of late, it seems almost inevitable some sort of reunion must be around the corner. However, bookies have lengthened odds on the long-awaited reunion happening as a result of rumours about Niall and Lewis Capaldi. Elsewhere, a shock poll result found One Direction were far from the top of the list with Brits when it came to which band they would like to see reunite.

One Direction fans certainly have an appetite for a comeback, with anticipation mounting as their 10th anniversary approaches. The band were put together on the X Factor back in and shot to global superstardom despite not winning the series. After five years of number ones and sell-out tours, however, Zayn announced he was quitting the group. One Direction carried on as a four-piece, releasing their fifth studio album Made in the A.

The hiatus officially began in January amid speculation it could mean the band was broken up for good. All five members of One Direction have launched solo music careers since the band went on hiatus. Zayn, who left the group first and who this week was confirmed to be expecting his first child with girlfriend Gigi Hadid, may not be part of a potential reunion, however. Though his ex-bandmates and the official One Direction account recently re-followed him on social media, he has become somewhat distanced from the the group.

As a result, the odds of a 1D reunion have drifted.

QUIZ: Who is Your 1D Dream Date?

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QUIZ: Which member of One Direction should you be dating?

OK, we’ll admit that we will never fully be over our boys breaking up SOB , but at least we can still listen to our fave 1D hits and dream about one of them sweeping us off our feet. For all of us forever Directioners, take this One Direction quiz to find out which member is for you! Your One Direction love match is Liam or Niall!

Choose the game quiz you like and play as many times as you want Jun 09, Music One Direction Zayn Malik Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson Liam Payne From the outside, it looks about the same as previous EOS-1D bodies dating.

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One Direction 2020 reunion: Potential blow to comeback chances after Niall Horan news

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Round 1 – Food and Drink A. Lewis Capaldi; What are the names of the 5 members of the British band, One Direction? women weren’t invited to participate until ; Which UK football club is the worlds oldest, dating back to ?

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is Your 1D Dream Date? TigerBeat Staff · tigerbeatnow. July 11, QUIZ: Who is Your 1D Dream Date? Getty Images. [quiz=44]. One Direction Quizzes.

Allow me to set the scene: The year is Sure, at first you might hate it. Avoid it, even! Sound familiar? Well, this is exactly what happened to millions billions? When One Direction came into my life, I was 16 and just finishing up an emo girl phase. So naturally, I gravitated toward Zayn Malik, the devastatingly hot, brooding bad boy of the group. By contrast, I also loved Harry Styles and how perfect he seemed.

He hardly had any solos. He rarely got the opportunity to shine, but boy, when he did

QUIZ: Which One Direction member do you actually belong with?

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Which One Direction Member is Your Perfect Match? – Annotations Quiz