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Serial No. An object of the invention therefore is to provide a friction device located in the path of movement of the shank of the blade so as to be engaged thereby and exert a frictional resistance to the opening movement at or about the point where the blade approaches the limit of its opening movement, to prevent its recoil and to facilitate the engagement of the locking device therewith. A further object is to provide such a brake in which the frictional resistance to the movement of the blade will be gradually increased as the blade approaches the limit of knife is shown, Figure 1 showing in side elevablades and 3, the blade 2 being very much larger and heavier than the blade 3. The blades are mounted to have a relatively free swinging movement about the pivots 8 and 9; and as beforeexplained, they are not restrained in their movement in, any; way by the back, as they are in the ordinary pocket knife. The blades may therefore be opened by a rela-‘ tively light spring not shown , and they are held in closed and open position by a looking or latching mechanism, one for each blade, a portion of which is shown at 10 in Figure, 1, such locking or latching mechanism embodying a push button 11, all of which may be as shownrin my patent previously referred to;. In order to prevent the recoil of a blade when thrown open there is provided a friction or brake device 12 which in the illustrated embodiment comprises a spring member formed as a part of one of the side plates 4 by cutting into the side plate near one end as at 13, and extending thence in a curved direction as at 14, and bending the free end of the member 12 thus formed, slightly towards the center of the knife, and into the path of movement of the shank of the blade, as shown in Fig. As thus formed,. While I have shown and described a twobladed knife, one a relatively largeheavy blade and the other a relatively small light blade, it.

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the modern Schrade knives are worth the time required for the small return. company name change in mid from Schrade Walden to Schrade Cutlery Corp., exist which allow dating these variances into definable time frames, at least.

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Schrade Walden Ny Usa –1950-76–K-Ting Rope Knife Wonda Edge Blade Wood Handles

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Later, in , Schrade Cutlery was sold to Imperial Knife Associated Companies​, and the conglomerate was renamed to Schrade-Walden.

Imperial Schrade Corp. The consolidation of five forerunner companies, [1] including its namesakes, the Imperial Knife Company , founded , and the Schrade Cutlery Company , founded in , Imperial Schrade manufactured its products in the United States and Ireland and sold through hardware stores, department stores, and on military bases. The original company’s fortunes declined and in it entered into bankruptcy where all equipment and intellectual property was sold off to reimburse creditors.

The name and intellectual property but not the factory nor equipment was bought by Taylor Brands and used for marketing purposes. In , Albert M. Baer purchased the Ulster Knife Company which was founded in Ellenville, New York , in the s and merged it with the Imperial Knife Company and designated this new business as the Imperial Knife Associated Companies, to produce knives for the military. Albert’s brother, Henry Baer, was the company’s first president and the namesake for Schrade’s “Uncle Henry” line of knives.

Tang stamps bearing the Imperial name appeared until , when they were discontinued and replaced by the Schrade name. Unable to raise sufficient capital to begin knife production, Schrade sold a partial interest in the company to the Walden Knife Company. The company’s unusual name arose from its first knife design, a switchblade or automatic-opening pocket knife with an operating button mounted in the knife bolster.

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Hello fellow Schrade collectors. I have been collecting the Schrade open stock knives, and would like to be able to tell the year each knife was made. I can look at the catalogs and knife data to tell the span of years a certain pattern was made, but the Catalogs are not in Color and do not have enough detail to tell them apart. It was made from till Is there a way to tell the year it was made?

Does help on line, and Ive seen an ivory handled Case Russlock knife within the NYStainless are the Old Timer. schrade walden knife dating Ot NY usa with this.

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Schrade knives dating from to the World War I era are marked “Schrade Cut Co.” and “Walden, N.Y.” in arched it is marked “Schrade Cut Co.

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Vintage Schrade Walden 165UH Sheath Knife Uncle Henry

You might not have heard of the name Schrade, but chances are you have seen their products a number of times and never realized it. Schrade Knives has been around for well over a hundred years, and produces some of the most common pocket folding knives in America. Once upon a time these fine knives were produced with tremendous quality and attention to detail. Unfortunately, for business reasons the Schrade company has changed hands a number of times since first being founded.

Does the Schrade name continue to represent outstanding quality and workmanship?

True, that was the year brothers George, William, and Louis Schrade set up shop in Walden, New York, but George had been a student of mechanical objects.

From , until the factory closed in , the Schrade Cutlery Company produced quality pocketknives. The company underwent some changes over the years. Knowing the major changes and the dates will aide you in your efforts to date your vintage Schrade pocketknife. Print materials. Old Schrade catalogs and books will help you to pinpoint the knife to within a certain period.

Locate older catalogs on the Internet. You may also locate a local knife collector or antique shop to see if they have any materials. The Internet. Examine forums and websites that are about vintage knives, as well as Schrade in particular, to get information about your knife. Examine the knife. Using a strong light and a magnifying glass, examine and make a note of all the marking and design details on your knife.

The first note should be the name marked on the knife; this is the first clue to its age.